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1. Adanela Musaraj,

Introduction: With apologies to Nietzsche, who once said “that which does not kill us makes us stronger,” sometimes that which does not kill weakens us so the next blow will be. Chronic pain of different etiologies, especially migraine, has been characterized as a disease affecting brain structure and function. The management of migraine is the nowadays most challenging topic on the neurology rehabilitation. In Albania, there are reported 38% of the population is suffering from migraine. Aim: To study the current evidence for efficacy and safety of topically applied rubefacients in acute and chronic painful migraine crises, combined or not with an algina. Methods: The type of participants was adult ones, with acute or chronic pain of at least moderate intensity resulting from any cause. They were 30 adult volunteers, males and females, 50-60 years old, with frequent chronic migraine crises were divided in three groups. The first group was treated only with algina, 500mg tablets, twice per day, for the pain caused by migraine crisis. The second group was treated with algins, 500mg tablets, twice per day, and Capsicam ointment neck massage (5 mg applied on the skin each time, with two application/day). The third group was treated only with Capsicam (5 mg applied on the skin each time, with two application/day). For the application, all the patients used 30 g of Capsicam (Dimethylis sulfoxidum, Camphor racemica, Terebinthini aetheroleum, Benzylis nicotinis, Nonivamidum) with two application/day. Results: The pain of the migraine, at the first group disappeared after 12-36 h, in the second group the pain disappeared after 30 minutes and in the third group the disappeared after 90 minutes. Discussion and Conclusions: As mentioned above, Capsaicin has been included in topical treatments aimed at relief of different neuropathic pain conditions, although it can produce skin irritation. It is apparently a good alternative for pain relive in patients who do not respond to other therapies, be it when administered alone or together with other treatments. We recommend the use of NSAIDs therapy combination with Capsicam ointment neck massage combating the migraine pain in chronic crises.

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migraine, algina, neurology, capsicam

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Медицинска рехабилитација неуромишићних и церебров

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